Eco Farm Asia
Sustainable Teak Farming, Protecting the Environment

Plantation Development

Eco Farm Asia lands

We purchase denuded and idle mountain land for conversion into micro plantations. These are the areas we use for nurseries and sites of our protected forests. We grow teak for investors in our own lands.

Old patures 

Denuded Hill 

Thousands of teak 

Woodland Clearing 

Wood land under development site 4

Mountain land under development

Partnership with land owners

We enter into partnerships with land owners who have limited resources to develop their own land. This scheme enable us to transfer knowledge and provide them with financial services, access to markets and other support. 

We don't open partship land for investment planting.

Local government partnership

We plan to work with the government in planting denuded public lands for both investment and reforestation. We plan to also use public land for conservation programmes.

Partnership the way forward

We grow teak for people who come from very diverse backgrounds from different countries in the world. They live or work in the Philippines, India, Australia, Germany, US, Canada, Italy, UK and France. They work as nurses, NGO worker, IT specialist, finance manager, librarian, child minder, doctor, charity manager, unversity instructor, entertainment industry worker and a few retirees. We expect the list to grow due to referrals and reinvestment. 
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View Partner's Location in a larger map 

Our relationship is more than just financial. We share the same principles and believe in an idea of a better world.

We are committed to protect their investment by guaranteeing to replace trees lost to floods, typhoon, fires, theft or pests at no cost to them. 

We will provide them with opportunities to visit their trees and to volunteer in our environmental programmes.

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