Eco Farm Asia
Sustainable Teak Farming, Protecting the Environment

Teak Investment

Individual/Group Investment

We grow teak as an individual or group investment for a maximum of 25 years. There will be 3 scheduled harvests; 11, 15 & 25 years. 

Give a gift of teak

Give a gift of teak trees to family, friends and people you know for christmas, birthday and other special occassions. 

Child Starter Investment

Invest for your children's future. Plant teak and follow it's growth as your children grow.
Plant a native tree for conservation

Surprise friends and love ones with trees planted for them in one of our designated reforestation area.

  • Investor pay the cost of growing the teak seedlings
  • We don't charge yearly mangement fees
  • You decide when to harvest within the schedules
  • We are committed to replacing tree lost
  • There will be no cost to investors for tree replacement
  • We will provide you with regular updates on the plantation progress

To inquire about investment and native tree planting contact us at
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